Andy's story

I’m feeling more optimistic and life seems clearer.

Life was very very chaotic. When I came out of rehab, I tried to get my life sorted. I stayed abstinent for three months and I started a relationship; I felt like I had a life again.

Eventually I ended up substituting drugs with alcohol. Drinking had never been an issue, but I got mixed up with the wrong people. I started taking drugs again, and was offending to pay for my addiction. The more I drank, the more my depression and anxiety got worse, my life just fell apart.

I eventually ended up moving in with my mum. I knew wasn’t a permanent fix and in the end I got kicked out with nowhere to go. I was struggling to get help but then someone told me to try Transform.

"I think going through my recovery with Transform has given me the ability to look at things in a different light."

I moved into a Transform dry house with another client and I started to regain life skills. I couldn’t cook but she showed me how – she’s a lovely cook! Our friendship blossomed – I’ve never had a friend in recovery.

I then moved onto a Transform property in Reigate. The change was difficult to deal with but I like it here. I’ve started cycling with a friend I met at AA. I like going to Brighton – I take my bike down along the seafront, it’s not so much recovery focused then, it’s just relaxed.

I’m not afraid to say I’m an alcoholic and an addict. A big part of my recovery has been attending AA. In fact my AA sponsor is another Transform client who has been in recovery for a number of years. I saw how well he was doing and I asked him once if it could be that good for me he told me it could, and he was right.

Now I’m looking at how I can give back. I applied for a volunteer position helping people who are being released from prison, and I’ve been accepted! It’s something I wanted to do when I left rehab. I knew it wasn’t the right time for me then, but it is now.

I’m feeling more optimistic and life seems clearer. I think going through my recovery with Transform has given me the ability to look at things in a different light. 

Paul, Andy's Keyworker

When I first met Andy he was very early in his recovery. He was anxious about where he would be living, and it was clear from his first assessment that he was afraid of change. Since then I have supported him in a number of different areas including making benefit clams and applying for grants, setting up weekly structures, and helping him to apply for voluntary work.

Since being with Transform Andy’s self-confidence has increased significantly. He has grown stronger in his recovery having reached one year in his sobriety. He also appears to be much better equipped to deal with day to day living in general. He’s become more supportive towards others in recovery as well as a good mentor for his peers. 

Andy has recently been accepted into a voluntary position helping others that have experienced similar issues to him, and I really hope this works out well for him.  


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