Caroline's story

"I like Transform... they are all very kind."

I lived in the same house all my life, with my family. I had lots of friends – I really liked it. I was walking home from work one day and I was hit by a car. I was in hospital for a long time, I was lucky to survive. Because of the accident I developed a tremor and it’s made life really hard.

I was looking after my brothers and my mum who wasn’t very well. When mum died, someone from the council visited me, they felt I needed more support. That’s when Transform came to help me.

They did so much for me. My support worker helped me with managing my money, bills and benefits, they also got central heating in the house and new carpets – it was brilliant! I was having trouble with a neighbour, but my support worker helped me make sure they couldn’t cause me any more problems.

"They always look out for me – if I need the doctors or the hospital they take me and if anything is wrong with my flat they get it sorted."

Eventually it was agreed that I needed a bit more help, Transform started giving me home care as well as all the other support.

I was living in a three bedroom house with my two brothers. I started to struggle with the housework, and when my brother died, the council said we needed to move. 

Transform helped me move to where I live now. It’s a sheltered accommodation flat, but we are really lucky – we are the only ones with a two bedroom apartment which means I get to stay with my brother which I’m really pleased about. He helps me too. He does the washing, the hoovering and cooks my dinners.

I’m very grateful I have Transform. They help with the housework, and help me shower. We go shopping and to the café sometimes. I like to buy them a coffee and a cake or sausage roll as a treat! They always look out for me – if I need the doctors or the hospital they take me and if anything is wrong with my flat they get it sorted.

I always see the same person which I like. If they’re on holiday, and I see a different person, they still know all about me and I’m really comfortable with them. I like Transform because they understand your problems, they are all very kind. 

Eleanor, Registered Operations Manager

When I first met Caroline there were a number of issues with her home. She really just needed someone to come in and give her a bit of structure. In the beginning we helped with paper work and paying bills, but as her needs changed, the support we provided changed with her and continues to change.

It is acknowledged that Caroline needs specialist support. So we work really closely with her Social Services Care Manager and the scheme manager of where she lives to make sure she is getting what she needs. We are a really good team. If Caroline has any issues or requirements, we discuss it between us, with her agreement, and come up with a solution that’s best for her. We are aware that our role is to support her and to make her feel empowered and in control, so that’s what we do.

We have a relationship with Caroline which is built totally on respect. It’s not just personal care that we provide, we are also dealing with the emotional side of life.

I’ve seen so many clients, some really inspire you and she is one of them, because you know she’s overcome so much adversity.

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