Colin's story

"Now – I’m happy basically."

When I came out of the Army, I got a job and bought a flat. I had lots of different jobs over the years and retired when I was 63. I started to lose my balance. I fell over a few times, breaking lots of bones and ended up in hospital.

When I was discharged, I moved into respite accommodation for a short while and eventually moved to sheltered accommodation.

My social worker suggested I talk to Transform. A few people from Transform came to do an assessment. When they said yes they could help me I was so pleased. My Transform keyworker Marta, came to work with me, since then it’s been great! She’s the best girl in the world!

The main issue that I had was around money and debt, but Marta has helped me sort it all out, even helping me visit the solicitors. I couldn’t have done it without her.

When I came out of the Army I got a pension, so I didn’t bother with my state pension. It had obviously been building up over the years, Marta helped me apply for it and get it back dated!

"My Transform keyworker Marta, came to work with me, since then it’s been great! She’s the best girl in the world!"

I have decided to leave a gift in my will to a couple of charities, including Transform. It’s to help other people like me. A little bit of money might just help one more person.

I am looking forward to moving to a new sheltered accommodation scheme soon, there are more things to do there! I’m looking forward to getting out and being more independent.

Now – I’m happy basically. I still struggle with things like letters, which can be confusing. But Marta is brilliant at helping me understand. It’s great knowing there’s someone at the end of the phone, especially as I don’t have any family to help me. It makes me feel safe.

Marta, Colin's Keyworker

When we first met Colin he had just undergone major surgery and was living in respite accommodation. He was experiencing a lot of pain and appeared very concerned about his future and felt there was just too much to cope with. Despite this, Colin always welcomes me with a warm smile and kind words.

Every key work session is a pleasure and a step forward to making a positive change in Colin’s life. Our biggest achievement together has been to receive his backdated pension. It has made a huge difference to his life.

For me the most important thing was to see Colin recovering from his surgery and an improvement in his health with each visit. It’s taken nearly a year but it seems that he is now ready to enjoy his life to the full.

I am happy to say that Colin is less frustrated and worried after the pressure of battling with all the issues which have now been resolved. I am grateful to Colin for all the experience I have gained during our journey. It has been amazing. 



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