Lorna's story

Before I had a stroke my life was absolutely full of exercising, I was always at a class or bowling. I would do my own gardening, painting, housework, everything. When I had my stroke, everything changed.

I was on a coach trip to Eastbourne with my niece and my sister. We had a wonderful day on the beach playing with the ball and blowing bubbles like kids do – or old people do!

We were on the coach coming home and apparently my head went to the side. Thankfully my niece is a nurse, she noticed my face had dropped and she told the driver that we needed to get to an ambulance straight away. Thanks to some quick thinking of one of the other passengers, I reached the ambulance just in time.

"She’s so special to me, we’ve got to know each other very well, I’ve come to think of her more as a friend – we’ve been through a lot together."

I was in hospital for quite a while. But when I was ready to come home I knew I would need help. A member of the team from Transform came to discuss what I needed and asked if I had any special requests. They assured me they would be able to meet all my needs. Then I found my lovely Lorraine!

She’s so special to me, we’ve got to know each other very well, I’ve come to think of her more as a friend – we’ve been through a lot together.

It’s very hard when you’ve had such an active life and suddenly you can’t even put your own clothes on, but Lorraine just makes my life so much easier. I prefer to have her every day because she knows exactly what the routine is. What I love the most is, she knows where everything is in the house and she never leaves until she knows I’ve got everything I need, including drinks for the day.

Without these girls I couldn’t manage. There was one day, I’d had a fall, and the Care Worker who came to do my morning call was a bit concerned about me. She asked if I had anyone coming to see me during the day but I didn’t have anyone.

So she came back in her own time to see if I was ok, she made me a sandwich and a cup of tea at lunch and then checked on me again in the afternoon. The staff are all so good to me and they always go beyond the call of duty.

I’ve been so lucky to find Transform, I’ve come to rely on them. 



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