Michele's story

Hannah, Michele's keyworker:

Michele has definitely developed her independent living skills but she’s also developed her wellbeing. We focus a lot on healthy eating and being active. And also being involved in the local community, which has increased Michele’s self confidence.

We try and focus on increasing independent living skills, supporting people with budgeting, dealing with correspondence, appointments, maintaining or getting work, or attending educational courses if people are interested.

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"I have learnt a lot but the most important thing is to be well because it really does matter and that’s because of Transform."
"I feel really happy at the moment because I know that if I’ve got any problems I can just ring her... She’s great – she’s always there when I need her."
For Chris the past year feels “like a new era, a new chapter. I’m looking forward to the future with optimism.”
"I intend to do great things with the life that Transform has given me, just watch this space!"