Stuart's story

With Transform I’ve got my own life...

Before I came to Transform I had been living with my parents for about 30 years. When they died I had to sell the house. The money disappeared quite quickly and I became homeless. It was a very difficult time but eventually I was told I could stay with Transform. I was unsure about going because I was worried about losing my friends, but most of the other clients were friendly when I first moved there.

My parents died and I became homeless.

The staff helped me get a passport, taught me about healthy cooking, as well as taking us on day trips. We had house meetings, where we could give feedback on how the hostel was run and share our views. At one meeting we even helped to choose Transform’s new name! I was at the hostel for about three years and then I moved to my own flat at a new Transform property.

Ever since I’ve been with Transform they have helped me a lot. I meet with my keyworker every week. He helps me to go to college and supports me with my diabetes by getting me healthier and fitter. He helped me to get involved with a community gardening project – I really enjoy it!

Last year I had a stroke and was found by another Transform client. He called my keyworker who came straight out, took one look at me and called an ambulance.  I was in hospital for four days and when I came out, the first thing I did was throw away my fags and stop eating greasy food.

Transform has done lots for me; without them I would be stuck.

Since then my keyworker has helped me to eat more healthily. I feel happier than I have been in a while. I’ve got a girlfriend who looks after me; we met at a club for adults with special needs. I have been voted the club’s Chairman for a second time and I was so touched, it made me very emotional.

I’ve been uphill and downhill but things are pretty much perfect now. Transform has done lots for me; without them I would be stuck. I could be in accommodation with not very nice people, with shared facilities. But being with Transform I’ve got my own life, it’s made a lot of difference.

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