Transform Housing & Support welcomes any sort of feedback, positive or negative.

Feedback lets us know whether we are getting things right or if we need to do things differently to improve our services. Feedback can come from clients, external agencies, the friends and family of the people that we are supporting, or our neighbours.

Examples of areas you might want to give feedback about:

  • the quality of service that you received;
  • response times;
  • your keyworker;
  • cases of ill-treatment, abuse, intimidation, harassment or discrimination;
  • the forms we use when we support you;
  • anti-social behaviour;
  • dissatisfaction with our services.

If you have any concerns or suggestions about a particular service, please speak to the local manager of the service. They are usually in the best position to help resolve your concerns quickly. 

If you prefer not to contact the service directly, or are unable to do so for some reason, please email [email protected].

Complaints procedure 

We always aim to deliver excellent services, but we know that sometimes things can go wrong. We’re sorry that you have a complaint to make and it’s our priority to resolve this as quickly as possible for you.

If you are a client of our services, and would like to make a formal complaint, the following procedure applies. More details about our complaints procedure can be found in the Complaints policy (this information is also available in the Feedback and complaints leaflet).

You can make your complaint in writing (a letter, email or via the Feedback and complaints form either online or via a Word document we also have an easy read version), in person, by calling your local office or, if you are more comfortable, contacting Central Office on 01372 387100. You can be helped by an advocate or friend when making your complaint. We can also provide you with a translator if needed and help you contact the Housing Ombudsman Service at any point during the complaints process.

There are two stages to the complaints procedure:

Stage 1:
When we first receive your complaint, we will confirm with you that we have received it and are investigating. This will usually be a letter, but may also be in a meeting, in person or via a phone/video call if this suits you better. This will happen up to five working days after you make a complaint.

We will evaluate the complaint and speak to you to make sure you have had a fair opportunity to discuss the issue; your expectations; and the desired outcomes before we make a decision. This will happen after a maximum of 10 working days from receipt of your complaint. This outcome will be communicated to you via your preferred means of contact.

Stage 2:
If the outcome of the Stage 1 investigation is not satisfactory, you can continue to Stage 2 and the complaint will be re-examined. As part of this, you will be given another opportunity to discuss the issue; your expectations; and desired outcomes before a decision is made. The Stage 2 decision will usually be made after a maximum of 20 working days. In some exceptional cases, it may take up to a further 10 working days.

The Stage 2 outcome will be communicated to you via your preferred means of contact.

The outcome communication for both stages will include: 

  • the outcome of the complaint;
  • the reasons for any decisions made;
  • the details of any remedy offered to put things right;
  • details of any outstanding actions;
  • how you can escalate the matter if you are dissatisfied.

If you are dissatisfied with the Stage 2 outcome, you can also escalate the complaint to the Housing Ombudsman Service.

Communicating with the Housing Ombudsman

You can contact the Housing Ombudsman Service directly and they can help you through every stage of your complaint. You will be able to speak to a Housing Ombudsman’s Dispute Support Advisor.

You may also wish to contact a designated person – this can be your MP or your local councillor – to help you resolve the complaint or assist you in forwarding your complaint to the Housing Ombudsman Service. A member of staff would be happy to support you in this matter.

Complaint handling code self-assessment form Dec 2020

Complaints procedure – fundraising

If you are a donor or supporter, and would like to make a complaint, we will follow the procedure below:

  1. When you report your feedback or complaint to the Business Development team, we will try and resolve the issue straight away if we can. If you are not satisfied, you can use our online form or a Word version.
  2. We will acknowledge receipt of your complaint within two working days and will respond to you in writing within four weeks.
  3. If you are unhappy with the response you receive, you may contact the Head of Business Development. Call 01372 387100 or write to: Transform Housing & Support, Bradmere House, Brook Way, Leatherhead, Surrey KT22 7NA.
  4. The Head of Business Development will respond to your feedback or complaint within 10 working days.
  5. If you are not satisfied with this response, you may request that the matter is considered by a panel made up of Transform’s Chairman and two members of the Board. The panel will be called within a month of your request.
  6. Finally, if you are still not satisfied with the response, you can take the complaint to the Fundraising Regulator. Complaints must ideally be made to the Fundraising Regulator within two months of Transform’s final response.