When you are choosing a care provider, it is important to think about how your care will be funded.

There are several different ways to pay for care services:

  • You may be eligible for local authority funding, depending on your income and savings
  • You could pay for your care yourself
  • Your family member may agree to pay for care
  • You might be able to do a combination of these

Local authority funding

If you need care services, you should first contact your local council’s social services department for a care assessment and to see whether you are eligible for funding:

Personal budgets

If you are eligible for funding from your local council, you may have the option of receiving this as a personal budget. This is a sum of money based on the cost of meeting your assessed care and support needs in your area. You can get further information on personal budgets from Age UK.

Private funding

If you choose to pay privately, you can contact us to set up a meeting. We will meet with you to discuss your needs and payment options. A family member can be involved in these discussions.

Useful links

The following links gives further advice on funding care services:

Contact us

contactIf you are looking for care services for yourself, for a relative or friend, or a client, please contact us to find out more and to discuss funding options. 

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