Client outcomes 2020/21

5 May 2021

We are pleased and proud to detail the findings of our latest Transform client exit and long-term outcome monitoring surveys. The exit survey is completed at the point clients finish receiving support from Transform while the outcome survey is completed by former clients on average 16 months after leaving Transform. 

The results of the exit survey demonstrate that our services have been as effective at supporting our clients to live independent and fulfilled lives during the coronavirus pandemic as they have been during the past few years. 

Results from the long-term outcome monitoring survey strongly suggest that much of the progress achieved by clients while receiving housing and support from Transform is maintained even after they have left our services.

Client surveys – key findings 

The long-term client outcome survey saw:

The exit questionnaire showed that those who responded were either satisfied or very satisfied with the following:

What have our clients been saying about us?

Here are a few quotes from clients within our recent surveys.

Do you think the support you received from Transform helped you to maintain settled accommodation?

“I never felt I deserved to have a place of my own. I had been kicked around from place to place and I’m just so grateful.”  

What I liked most about the service provided by Transform was …

“The incredible patience and knowledge of the person who helped me. He never pressured me or made me feel I was somehow to blame for my situation. He was very effective at getting forms filled in with me. He checked up to make sure I had done all the things I needed. He has a lovely sense of humour and gave me much needed confidence. He has somehow cut through the barriers for claiming benefits that will transform 
my living from homeless to housed!” 

Suggestions on how we could improve our service…

“Transform Housing should have a much higher profile in the welfare portfolio of our community. They should be known to everyone so their help can be accessed straight away. This would save the years of hardship I and many others endured before being put in touch with them. 

“They provide the most efficient use of welfare funds. They get the job done and transform lives, not just housing!”

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