#door2home campaign in support of homeless people

20 July 2020

Like most people, you probably have an address. Utility bills, birthday presents, deliveries and friends arrive at that address. An address means you belong. Not having one sets you apart from others in society.

Try closing your eyes for a moment and picture yourself unwell and with no one to help you. Now imagine this situation again, but this time you've got no house, no bed of your own, perhaps not even a toilet nearby. You don't have a kettle, a sofa, your own TV, a phone or just about any item you have ever cared about.

Covid-19 has meant that many of us have experienced a degree of being lonely and isolated but we mostly have the benefit of knowing that this is just a temporary situation. For homeless people who are cut off from society, though, isolation is a perpetual, major feature of their lives which sadly can often lead to poor mental health. The number of those people who are homeless and who have mental health issues is very high.

Homeless people are also, in general, bad sleepers. Its virtually impossible for those without a home to get anything approaching the seven to nine hours unbroken sleep every day that is recommended. Lack of sleep can severely damage both your physical and mental health and a lot faster than you think.

We all need to eat both nutritious cooked food and lots of healthy fruit and vegetables. With no home, kitchen or cooker, though, there are few alternatives to cheap junk food for those with no home.


How you can help us transform the life of a homeless person

Create a simple sign and take a photo of yourself sitting or standing in front of the door to your house holding your sign. Post it on your social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc) with the following message >

Only the width of a door stands between me and my bed, bath, cooker and TV - or being #homeless. I've taken a photo in front of my door and donated to the @transformhs #door2home campaign because #homelessness is closer than you think. www.justgiving.com/campaign/door2home

And at the same time donate either £5, £10, £15, or £20+ to this online appeal

£15 buys an item of warm clothing when a homeless person arrives with nothing

£30 pays for a warm welcome pack of sleepwear and personal care items

£50 funds identity documents so that they can apply for benefits, education and work

£100 pays for education and training costs that include course fees, equipment and travel

Their journey to independent living and a fulfilling life starts here.

Visit the JustGiving campaign page for more information. 

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