Finding our green fingers on new Woking allotment

4 May 2011

Clients in Woking have got the chance to grow their own fruit, vegetables and flowers on our new allotment.

After several months on the waiting list, we finally got our new allotment in March. The site was very overgrown so needed quite a lot of work before we could get planting.

The project is a great opportunity for people to find out how to grow fruit and veg and learn more about gardening. Its also a good way to learn about healthy eating, get some exercise and relax.

"I’m really looking forward to learning to grow my own fruit and veg. I’ve always wanted an allotment so I can be more self-sufficient and this will give me the opportunity to practice. It’s great!" Emma

Our group of gardeners have now planted runner beans, beetroot, cabbages, broccoli, parsnips, carrots, swedes, french beans and cauliflowers. They have also set up a herb garden, a strawberry bed and fruit cages for growing raspberries, tomatoes and cucumbers.

"When I had my own home, the garden was my favourite place. Now I don’t have a garden of my own,  I’m looking forward to growing flowers on the allotment." Humaira

We are very grateful to several local businesses for supporting the project:

  • Groundscapes Ltd
  • Arrow Sheds
  • Squires Garden Centres
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