Transform Annual Review 2012 now available

24 September 2012

The Transform Housing & Support Annual Review 2012 is now available, highlighting our key achievements in the past year.

As Transform celebrates ‘40 years transforming lives’ during 2012, this year’s Annual Review looks back over not just the past 12 months but also the past four decades. Since we were founded in 1972, Transform has helped 15,000 homeless and vulnerable people to turn their lives around.

During 2011/12, Transform provided housing and support to 1,092 people across Surrey, Sutton and Wokingham. We are proud that in a sample of the people that we helped during the year:

  • 94% of people felt more independent as a result of our services
  • 95% improved their financial situation
  • 84% managed their mental health better
  • 66% re-established contact with friends and family
  • 76% felt more involved in their local community

The Annual Review also features real stories of some of the people we have helped, including Jordan, who had to leave his family home when he was just 16 years old. Transform gave Jordan a safe place to live and helped him adjust to living on his own. Jordan says of his life now:

“I now live with two other young people in a Transform shared house, which gives me more freedom. Things have now improved a lot with my family. My mum and I are talking again and things are much better between us. I recently got engaged to my girlfriend and I’m looking forward to our future together. Transform has helped me turn my life around and I now know if I make goals I can eventually achieve them.”

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