Transform's approach to managing COVID-19

18 March 2020

For commissioners, partners and other agencies

As an organisation providing support services and to vulnerable people, we have introduced a clear and planned approach to management of the COVID-19 virus. This letter is to update you as to our approach.

We have set up a Pandemic contingency planning team, led by the Chief Executive, directors and other senior managers. The team meets every week to review a detailed action plan covering the following key areas:

  • preventing infection
  • supporting clients
  • staff
  • maintenance
  • actions to cover staff shortages.

Business continuity plans have been reviewed and updated along with the risk register which are all reported to the Board of Transform. A new sub-committee – the Client Services Committee has been convened and will have oversight of the operations challenges that the COVID-19 virus brings.

Client support needs are being reviewed to consider risks and any underlying health conditions that may make them more vulnerable. We are prioritising clients in terms of level of risk and considering how support can be offered in a different way for those clients who experience COVID-19 symptoms. We are keeping a record of those clients who self-isolate and who are confirmed to have the virus to manage this as each case arises. We are communicating the latest Government advice to all clients and helping them implement any action recommended.

We are planning our approach to staff shortages in case of the virus spreading and all staff teams are looking at different ways of working and covering across services. We are keeping registers of those staff at risk, those self-isolating and those who have been confirmed to have the virus.

If any further details are required please send those directly to Adele Duncan, Director of Client Services [email protected] and she will respond accordingly.

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