Encouraging Transform clients to say what matters to them at National Housing Federation webinar

28 June 2021

Last year, the government published its Social Housing White Paper in which it asked the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) to change the way it carries out consumer regulation in social housing and to create a new consumer function.

The RHS is the independent regulator for social housing landlords who are registered with them, including Transform.

In response to the Social Housing White Paper, it has organised a set of webinars in a multi-year programme of tenant engagement, which Transform clients are invited to attend. The RHS seeks to better understand what matters to social housing tenants, as this will help them make the right decisions about how the new consumer function should work in practice. 

The first webinar on 15 July will provide a clear picture of how regulation in the social housing sector works, equipping attendees with the knowledge they need to fully engage in the conversations about regulatory changes. Attendees will be informed of the changes the White Paper is introducing as well as upcoming opportunities to engage further with the RSH. There will also be a time to ask questions at the end.

We would like to strongly encourage Transform clients to attend, as this will give them a chance to take part in conversations about the changes they would like to see happen. Those who are not available on the day can still sign-up and will be sent a recording after the event.

Clients can book their place for free on the event page.

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