Transform Vice Chairman appointed High Sheriff

23 March 2015

The Vice Chairman of Transform Housing & Support, Elizabeth Kennedy, was installed as High Sheriff of Surrey on Friday 20 March.

Elizabeth took on the role from outgoing High Sheriff Peter Lee, at a ceremony held at Guildford Cathedral on Friday night.

Elizabeth has been a Trustee of Transform since 2008 and was Chairman of Transform from 2010 to 2013. In keeping with her involvement with Transform, one of Elizabeth’s themes for her year in office is ‘reducing reoffending’.

On the occasion of her installation, Elizabeth Kennedy said:

“I am delighted to take on the role of High Sheriff of Surrey for 2015/16 and am honoured to serve the people of this County in this historic office. I am very grateful to my predecessor Peter Lee for his great contribution over the past 12 months and for supporting me as I take on this role.

“During my year I would like to highlight the issue of reoffending and the lack of support available to help people address the root causes for their offending. Through my work with Transform Housing & Support, I have seen that it is possible to help people to stop offending – but it takes time and dedication. I hope to highlight this important issue and encourage the various agencies to work together and support offenders to reintegrate into our community.”

The High Sheriff of Surrey is appointed by The Queen and holds office for one year. The High Sheriff is The Queen's legal representative in the County, although in practice it is now largely a ceremonial role. More generally, High Sheriffs stand for the rule of law and order in society. They seek to show support for the individuals and organisations upholding the criminal justice system, notably Her Majesty’s Judges, while also recognising the contribution made by many voluntary, community and faith bodies to tackle social problems and to create harmonious communities.

Elizabeth is involved with several other local charities including QEF, African Revival and the Cobham Conservation & Heritage Trust.

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