Trustee spotlight: Chris Deacon

5 November 2020

We are halfway through Trustees’ Week, an event that celebrates the huge contribution trustees make to the charities they work with. Chris Deacon is a trustee Transform has been working with closely, ever since he joined the board in 2013. 

Chris Deacon’s background is in manufacturing and in the IT industry, having been at various times head of Business Consulting, Applications Delivery and ERP Consulting practices at Computer Science Corporation. He now works as a board-level business and IT consultant specialising in the charity sector.

Mr Deacon said that Transform was special in its commitment to helping vulnerable people get their lives on track. During his seven years on the board, he’d had the opportunity to work with many Transform colleagues and was impressed by their work ethic, he said.

“Transform is full of talented, committed people who are keen to exploit the value that trustees can add,” he added. “I can honestly say that they are a joy to work with.”

Like fellow trustee Ollie Smedley, he expressed an understanding of the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic but said he felt optimistic about the future of Transform.

“Just continuing to deliver effective services through the pandemic would be a great achievement,” he said. “I’m convinced though that Transform will also continue to grow its capability and help (even) more people this year.”

Transform has benefitted greatly from Chris Deacon’s skills and knowledge. We would like to thank him and the other trustees on the board: Mark Austen (also Chairman), Jane Bolton, Julie Bradley, Ollie Smedley, Paul Rees, Michael Ryan, and Katie Wadey. We look forward to Transform growing even more in the upcoming year.

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