Trustee spotlight: Katie Wadey

6 November 2020

As Trustees’ Week comes to a close, we are shining a spotlight on Katie Wadey, who has been actively involved with Transform as a trustee on the board.

Katie Wadey has had a wide career, graduating in Maths and Management from Kings College, London, before working in audit at Arthur Andersen. She has worked predominantly in customer-focused roles, such as Customer Experience Director at Tesco and Chief Customer Officer at LV. She is currently the Group Customer Director at Aviva Plc and has been a Transform trustee for nearly 18 months.

“I am very much enjoying being on the board,” she said. “There are some vibrant personalities in the trustee group, and I know that we are all impressed by the passion colleagues bring to Transform. They work hard to ensure that clients receive the highest standards of care and support.”

Ms Wadey said that Transform had had to make a lot of changes to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic, with perhaps fewer resources than bigger organisations.

“Transform has very quickly adapted and carried out three or four years’ worth of technological development in an incredibly short space of time,” she said. “Being able to provide the necessary equipment, systems and processes so quickly for people to work from home, for example, has been really amazing to see.”

She added that she had been especially impressed by key workers, some of whom she had been fortunate to meet before the first national lockdown.

“The key workers I have met genuinely care about clients and are not scared to support people who have more challenging issues. In many cases, they’ve worked with us for many years and are still trying to do the best job they can, which is especially needed at this time.” 

The trustees had worked with Transform to deliver some exciting projects this year, with many more upcoming, Ms Wadey explained. She had seen how well the merger with Reigate Quaker Housing Association in May had been completed and was keen to see some of Transform’s internal projects coming to life.

“We’ve made significant changes to our HR systems and processes, like the implementation of My HR, and I look forward to seeing how they add value to the organisation. The other exciting thing for me is to see how some of the changes we’ve made because of Covid-19 will help us grow on a day-to-day basis.”

In the meantime, she once again thanked the colleagues who have been carrying Transform through the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Transform is an incredibly caring and passionate organisation and we can’t say this enough,” she said. “Everyone is always trying to improve and put the needs of clients first, and I want to thank them for doing that even during the Covid-19 pandemic. It has been an incredible feat.”

Ms Wadey has provided Transform with invaluable guidance and support. We would like to thank her and the other trustees on the board: Mark Austen (also Chairman), Jane Bolton, Julie Bradley, Ollie Smedley, Chris Deacon, Paul Rees, and Michael Ryan. Thank you also to everyone who has taken an interest in Trustees’ Week and actively supported Transform over the years.

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