Women of Transform: George Margetts

4 March 2021

Leading up to International Women’s Day, we interviewed three of the talented women working at Transform. The first colleague we are showcasing is George, who has been a Communications Officer at Transform since 2015.

George supports individual teams with a range of different things, including internal and external comms. In her own words, she is basically responsible for anything that has a logo – like producing content for Transform or creating corporate branded materials.

Sewing happiness

The most important thing to George is to make sure that she and the people around her are happy.

"I enjoy giving," she said. "I do a lot of sewing and stuff like that, and there’s nothing I like more than when someone receives a gift from me and they’re like 'oh my goodness this is amazing', and I’m like 'oh good, I thought so!'" 

Though George was laughing, we have seen some of the quilts she made – pictured on the right – and we agree. They do look amazing. 

Maintaining her independence 

George finds empowerment in her independence.

She explained that, when she wants something doing at home, she does it herself. "And if I realise I really can’t do it myself," she added, "I’ll arrange for someone else to do it." 

She cultivated this independence from an early age, learning about inner strength from her mum and DIY from both parents. More recently, George learned to trust herself while working at Transform.

"I’d lost a lot of confidence in myself for one reason or another. But a few years after I joined Transform,’ she said, ‘I worked with a manager who really encouraged me to be more self-sufficient. There were a couple of occasions where I asked a question and she’d literally reply, 'you don’t need me for this, you know the answer.'"

"She’d be like, 'you’re good enough to know this' and that made me feel empowered," she added. "It was a great learning curve for me."

A few words about International Women’s Day

We asked George whether she wanted to say a few words about International Women’s Day, and she left us with a message of empowerment. 

"Don’t let anyone tell you that you can’t do something," she said. "Try to do it yourself – you’ll probably realise that you are more than capable. For me, there’s no better feeling than achieving something I was told I couldn’t do or would have to wait for. Because I don’t wait," she laughed. 

Once she realised how resourceful she could be, she tried her best to impart her knowledge upon others.

"My cousin used to live right around the corner from me," she said, "and whenever I had a piece of furniture to put together, I’d say 'do you wanna come and help me,' but really meaning 'I’m gonna teach you.' For example, I had bought two matching chests of drawers for my bedroom, so I said 'right. We’ll do each step together so you can watch and then do the other one yourself.'"

"Thinking about it makes me emotional," George added. "She recently moved into a new house and put up all her furniture on her own. She then messaged me and said, 'this is because of you. You taught me so well.'" 

"It just goes to show you don’t always need someone else. It’s nice to have help, but if you want to do something yourself then you can." 

Coming next

This weekend, we will be sharing our interview with Anna Menzies, who is a Housing & Support Officer at Transform. Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn to be the first to know when the article goes live.

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