Young people raise money for Transform

24 September 2014

Over thirty young people from the National Citizen Service (NCS) have been working to raise money and awareness for Transform Housing & Support.

Each of the 16 to 17-year-olds are participating in the government programme powered by The Challenge which has been created to develop greater confidence, self-awareness and social responsibility in its participants.

In July three groups from the NCS visited Transform’s central office in Leatherhead. David Hulme and Lynette Farley from Transform gave presentations to each group about the charity’s work to empower marginalised young people to rebuild their lives.

The young people went on to fundraise for Transform with their ‘100 Challenges’, which included creating a public Mexican Wave, solving community riddles, performing an inspirational speech in public and recording a 30 second dance video. The teams received sponsorship for completing these activities and have raised over £300 for Transform to date.

Two of the groups went on to campaign about homelessness in Redhill and Epsom on Saturday 20 September. The Redhill team invited local shoppers to their stall with a cake decorating activity. The young people went on to share their new-found awareness of the work of Transform. The group also collected email addresses for the charity to contact with news and events in future.

NCS participant, Izzy Smith, said:

“We are trying to raise awareness about the issue of homelessness and the importance of donating to charity rather than just giving individual hand-outs, to help people restructure  their lives rather than just survive day-to-day. Going to Transform gave us a real sense of the ways in which charities can change people’s lives long-term, and motivated us to try and raise awareness of how people can make a real difference.”

Ola Kolade from National Citizen Service said:

“A key ethos of NCS is to engage our young people with their local communities through building trust and responsibility in them. It is totally inspiring when they engage with charities such as Transform, the impact of this connection is truly evident when the participants of the programme develop their social action campaigns based on the aims of the charities they meet.”

David Hulme from Transform Housing & Support said:

“It was a pleasure to meet with the groups from NCS and spread the word about homelessness in Surrey. We are really grateful to each of the young people who worked so hard to raise money and support for Transform, thank you very much!”

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