Transform Housing & Support has recently merged with Cherchefelle Housing Association.

Transform and Cherchefelle logosThe two organisations shared a similar history and values. Both were founded to provide local solutions for local people who needed housing and support. Cherchefelle was founded in 1970, while Transform (or Surrey Community Development Trust as it was known then) was founded two years later in 1972.

Both organisations grew substantially over the following years. Transform developed new housing and launched new services to help a range of homeless and vulnerable people. Cherchefelle also explored new client groups and, in 2005, expanded into the care sector.

The two organisations worked closely over the years, encouraging collaboration and partnership between charities, housing providers and local authorities across the Surrey area.

In 2015 the Board of Cherchefelle proposed to seek a merger with another suitable housing provider. Their shortlist for merging contained only one name – Transform. After appropriate due diligence, the Boards of the two organisations agreed to merge. On 31 October 2016 the new, enlarged Transform Housing & Support was created.

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