Annual Review 2015 - Transform

Annual Review 2015In 2015 we provided housing and support for 1,045 homeless, vulnerable and excluded people...

At Transform Housing & Support, we give people the second chance they so desperately need. We offer people a place to call home and provide support to help them deal with the problems they face. We offer each person a fresh start, so they can improve their situation and rebuild their lives.

Sadly, for each life we transform, there are many more local people in need of our help. For that reason, in April 2015 we set a new strategic focus – to help more and more homeless, vulnerable and excluded people to lead independent and fulfilling lives.

This Annual Review tells the stories of some of the lives we have transformed, highlights the outcomes we have achieved, and shows how we are helping more and more people in need.

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Sunday, 2 August 2015